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Días de producción

Auto Imaging ofrece jornadas de producción para concesionarios minoristas

Auto Imaging ofrece jornadas de producción para concesionarios minoristas. Visitaremos su sitio web y capturaremos contenidos para:

  • Cortinillas de entrada y salida de coches usados, vistas generales de drones y música / voz en off / branding
  • Vídeo personalizado de presentación del equipo de ventas
  • Anuncios web

Los sobrevuelos con drones pueden utilizarse para cualquier vídeo de coches usados. Haga que su vehículo destaque del resto mostrando el propio sitio. También quedan muy bien en los anuncios web para presentar su marca y su sitio a los clientes.


Call us on 911 988 432
email info@autoimaging.co.uk.

Auto Imaging Corona Virus Statement

Dear customer At this very difficult time Auto Imaging are adhering to all government guidelines, working from home where possible and remain fully operational. The most important thing to us is everyones health and well being. In this unique situation we find ourselves in, advertising of services may seem futile and arguably insensitive to some. We understand this, but also know that by allowing communication to continue, working closely with our partners and adapting where necessary, we can help. We are already developing variations in products that can fit into the upcoming changes in work processes retailers may face. This year will be difficult, but strong foundations and relationships will certainly help. As our commitment to our customers we will be offering free video from June 1st until September 1st to all our customers. Christopher Gray Managing Director